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Current routes

Trans Atlantic (Central and South America) & Europe

What we offer

  • We sail our cargo by wind
  • A voyage from 3 weeks to a maximum of 5 months with variating destinations
  • Fair wage
  • The ship, crew and the cargo are covered with a full P&I insurance
  • An optimized loading system is intergrated in the ships 

What we ask

  • The focus on sailing by wind
  • Responsability
  • Communication during the journey
  • To cooperate with an inovative mind set to make the journey as sustainable as possible and optimise the ship.
  • STCW II/2 (Only for Captains)

Contact us to request a complete file

What are we looking for

  • Captains (STCW II/2)
  • Chief officiers (II/2 or II/3)
  • Deckhands (STCW training)
  • Able seafarers (Medical test)
  • Ship cook 
  • Trainees

Contact us to request a complete file

Looking to become a certified captain or seafarer? In the Netherlands we have Enkhuizer Zeevaartschool.